What it takes to be a fund manager?

When you are a finance student and are at a start of your career, many people have this question in mind that “what it takes to be a fund manager”

So my dear pals I must tell you that becoming a fund manager is not that easy. You have to cross different stages starting from your initial career days to reach up to this position.

You are judged at every step whether its about a small assignment to draw cash ISA rates or  a tough one like preparing an investment plan for a particular group of investors, always keep in mind that you are watched at each and every second and any time you can be called for a discussion which may or may not be positive as always predicted by many fresher.

If you think that a degree will help you in better performing at your job level then you are right but not all of it should be taken as hundred percent true because your degree will definitely help you get an entry level job but it is only performance at your work that really matters.

So to be able to become a fund manager in your later days of your first finance job, you should start focusing your aim since day one. For this you are expected show world class performance and take initiative by accepting responsibilities that comes in your way. Always be polite with the co-workers. Do not let anyone know that you hate them, keep it a secret to yourself. In other words be diplomatic.

Though finance has no relation with diplomacy but managers have a deep bonding with it. So, be prepared to exhibit manager like qualities and not only exhibit, show your seniors that you really are meant for handling managerial tasks by always fulfilling your responsibilities towards your organization and its stakeholders.